Meet the Manager


Sergiu Panescu was born in Romania, in the city of Oradea.


The grounds of the big changes in his life were playing tennis, which Sergiu started to practice at the age of 7. In the course of the years, tennis became Sergiu’s life and, starting from 12 years, he decided to play high-performance tennis.


Moreover, at the age of 15, he leaves Romania to continue his career as a tennis player in Belgium. After four very beautiful years spent permanently in international competitions, Sergiu decides to put an end to this career and to apply to KHK Faculty from Belgium in Geel, specialization IT.


After graduating this faculty, he also graduated the Master, at KHK – specialization Management and Marketing.The international project Diftar (Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, etc) related to the Master’s degree helped him gain experience and practice to do business at an international level. Here he will also meet his best friend from Belgium and he sets the ground for the relation Belgium-Romania regarding real estate investments in Romania.


After his studies, Sergiu worked in Belgium at the constructions company Perfecta, for which he worked one and a half years, working in sales, financing, planning and relations with clients.


Yet since he was 20 years old, he was very interested in real estate investments in Romania, starting the acquisitions of land from this age.


Tennis was still a big part of Sergiu’s life, he continued to play in internal competitions in Belgium and to teach tennis to people of all ages.


The Belgian family and the children of the family he lived with for seven years became for him the second family. Also, other special  people from Belgium helped him through these times and they became friends. All these made Sergiu feel at home in Belgium.


Not only the people he got to know during his carreer as a tennis player but also those he got to know in Belgium and the Netherlands during everyday life were of great help to Sergiu and his business.

After ten years spent in Belgium, Sergiu decides to return to Romania and founds Rores Group in 2006: Rores Real Estate Agency, Rores Investments and Real Estate Development and Rores Consultancy and Management in Real Estate, for more information read About Rores.


All this was possible also with the help of Sergiu’s parents, who help him in his business as well.


All the clients can benefit from the experience in financial consultancy and the experience of more than 6 years in real estate of Sergiu Panescu, the manager of Group Rores, by this they can ensure that their investments in Romania are profitable and secure.